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What To Look For When Buying a Wired Headset. 

The wired headset can be a very advantageous piece of equipment for professional or personal users for a number of reasons, but there are also a number of considerations to take into account when making the final purchase.

Set Up

A wired headset tends to have the set up advantage over the wireless headset. A wired unit is typically of the plug-and-play variety, which means that it can be simply inserted into the phone’s audio input and is ready to go. A wireless headset can have a more protracted set up and can take more time to get working properly.

Monaural and Binaural 

Brand names like Sennheiser and Plantronics typically offer both monaural and 

binaural wired headsets.A monaural headset is a single channel headset and is the standard for most radio-telephone communications. This means there is one microphone and one operational earpiece. This is perfect for those users who want to keep one “ear open” to what might be occurring in the working environment.

A binaural headset, conversely, is wired to deliver stereo sound. Both earpieces are functional, creating a more immersive experience that can be advantageous in certain applications with a wired headset.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation features are available to aid in limiting background noise and other ambient sounds that may interfere in call quality. Technically speaking, noise cancellation involves placing one or more microphones near the ear and wiring circuitry using the microphone signal to produce another signal that is known as “anti-noise.” This process serves to cancel out any ambient noise, thereby refining the call.

Sennheiser’s ActiveGard

Sennheiser headsets make use of something called ActiveGard, which is a brand-specific feature that protects users from exposure to sudden high-volume noise (also known as “acoustic shock”). Because some calls feature abrupt unsolicited sounds, Sennheiser’s ActiveGard can make all the difference in the world in eliminating the energy that actually causes acoustic shock.

Plantronics’ EncorePRO

Plantronics offers EncorePRO, which is a feature that “takes a different approach to headset design.” Plantronics offers this on most wired headset models. This includes superior audio intelligibility, comfort and a classically low-slung microphone design. There is also a slim speaker that allows for more lucid conversations.

Making the Choice

Making the choice as to what wired headset is needed really is a matter of understanding what the headset is needed for. Certain professional or personal applications will require certain features, like noise cancellation or a monaural set up, and that has to be taken into account when making the final purchase. As with any momentous acquisition, the best approach is the one that weighs all the options before making the choice.

Battery Power

Perhaps the biggest advantage that wired headsets have is battery power. A wireless headset, like a Bluetooth unit, tends to drain battery power at three times the rate of a traditional infrared port. While aBluetooth is a form of radio connection, a traditional wired headset plugs into a phone’s audio input and is only in use through the phone’s system.

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