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Conference Call Questions and Answers

In the world of business, the conference call is still a critical way to get things done.

What is a Conference Call?

A conference call is effectively a type of telephone call that involves more than one party. Conference calls can be designed to allow all parties the ability to talk on the call, while other types of conference calls only allow some users to just listen to the conversation.

Conference calls are sometimes called Auto Tele-Conferences or ATCs.

How Does a Conference Call Work?

A conference call usually takes place when a caller telephones other participants and “adds” them to the conversation. Other types of conference calls function with participants able to call in to the conference call using a special phone number, called a “conference bridge,” to connect to the call and participate in the discussion.

Most companies use a specialized service provider to operate and maintain the conference bridge, to provide the phone number for participants to call, and to manage PIN codes to allow conference call members to access the call.

What is Three-Way Calling?

Three-way calling is a more limited version of a conference call. Home and office phone lines tend to offer some form of three-way calling for an extra charge. As the name indicates, a three-way call involves three participants.

How Does a Three-Way Call Work?

A three-way call is initiated by the first caller telephoning the first participant. With a hook/flash/recall button, the other party is dialled and the hook/flash/recall button is pressed again to connect the three participants. Because of this, callers can add another outgoing call to the call that is already connected.

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