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Sennheiser DW Office:   

The Sennheiser DW Office is among the most professional single-sided DECT wireless headsets on the market today. The company has a long history of creating quality products and this beauty is no different. Based in Wennebostel near Hannover, the Sennheiser company is the world’s largest manufacturer of studio microphones and one of the most reliable manufacturers of headsets.

When it comes to wireless office headsets, you can’t go wrong with a Sennheiser headset. The DW Office model is one of the best setting up quickly and getting to working with customers. The headset includes high-end audio technology in the form of Sennheiser HD Voice Clarity, for one thing, and it can be set up fully in just four minutes, making it one of the quickest Sennheiser headsets available today.

Using the Sennheiser DW Office headset unit, you can set it up on your desktop and use it hands-free for up to 400 feet from the unit. This includes sound quality the likes of which you’ve never heard on a conventional telephone and an optional handset lifter that lets you start and stop calls even when you’re away from your desk. This type of versatility simply isn’t available with another brand of headset.

Other features include fast-charging technology (50 percent of charge gives four hours of talk time) and noise-cancelling filters to deal with background noise in your home or office.

On top of the technical details, the Sennheiser DW office headset is incredibly comfortable. It can be worn over your ear or head with a headband and doesn’t add pressure or discomfort, making it one of the most comfortable wireless office headsets available on the market today.

The Sennheiser SH230     

The Sennheiser SH230 wired office headset is one of the best corded headsets on the market for those looking for a cost-effective entry level headset.

This headset is one of the most popular headsets for call centre employees because of its comfort, including a durable metal headband that is detachable for easy upgrading to the ear clip model. There is also an acoustical ear cushion that adds comfort and increases sound quality. For call centre employees stuck on the phone all day long, the SH230 is the perfect solution to posture and comfort difficulties.

This Sennheiser headset, like all Sennheiser headsets, offers tremendous call quality to go with the unparalleled comfort. The SH230 also uses ActiveGard technology to help protect your ears from “acoustic shocks” that result from electricity spikes, weather conditions and other forms of interference that can travel down phone lines and cause loud noises. With ActiveGard, the SH230 complies with G616 guidelines.

The SH230 is also comparable to wireless office headsets in terms of sound quality. It features an adjustable boom microphone unit that can be moved to any position you find most comfortable. Thanks to its remarkable call quality and comfortable features, the SH230 is one headset unit that you can use all day long without any physical effects.

If you’re in the market for an entry level headset that will help you get the job done without breaking the bank, the Sennheiser SH 230 office headset is a great place to start. It includes all of the features of the big brand headsets at a fraction of the cost.

Plantronics CS540    

As the newest edition to the Plantronics wireless office headset, the Plantronics CS540 is a must-have for any professional.

The CS540 has a unique headset designed when compared to comparable headsets in the field. It also has a streamlined base and weighs only 21 grams, making it one of the lightest headsets on the market. It features 350 feet of wireless range and a battery that packs seven hours of talk time. It also includes advanced wideband audio using CAT-iq technology for the best in call quality.

The Plantronics headset has long been thought of as an industry leader in both comfort and quality, but the CS540 reinvents the headset with a new approach that will wow long-time users and earn new customers at the same time.

It features over-the-head and over-the-ear wearing styles, making it a comfortable and versatile headset. The new design creates an even more relaxed fit, which in turn creates the perfect cell headset for wearing all day long at the office.

Among the other features is voice-dedicated DECT (1.9 GHz) technology that eliminates Wi-Fi interference. Users can remotely answer calls thanks to a handset lifter and/or electronic hookswitch cable. There are also extensive audio controls and an adaptive power system that lets you configure your system for talk time and range.

Users of Plantronics headsets know that the Plantronics name means business. The CS540 is the next level in headsets, with bright, crisp sound, amazing comfort and a fleet of wonderful features for even the most discerning wireless headset users.

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