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Sennheiser Headset Accessories:We are proud to be an authorized dealer for Sennheiser, Canada.
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Sennheiser Quick Disconnect USB Cord from Canada's Headset Leader. Selling and servicing across Canada since 1991.
Sennheiser Quick Disconnect USB Cord
Our Price:$60.00
Sennheiser UI760 Headset Amplifier
Sennheiser - UI760 Headset Amplifier
Our Price:$109.95
Sennheiser HSL10 Handset Lifter
Sennheiser - HSL10 Handset Lifter
Our Price:$90.00
Sennheiser - CEHS-AV 03 cord
Sennheiser - CEHS-AV 03 cord
Our Price:$68.95
Sennheiser - CEHS-AV 04 cord
Sennheiser - CEHS-AV 04 cord
Our Price:$78.00
Sennheiser - CEHS-AV 05 cord
Sennheiser - CEHS-AV 05 cord
Our Price:$78.00
Sennheiser CSTD-01 Headset Cable
Sennheiser - CSTD-01 Connection Cable
Our Price:$21.00
Sennheiser CUIPC1 Headset Cable
Sennheiser - CUIPC1 Modular to Dual 3.5mm Cable.
Our Price:$23.95
Sennheiser Headset Accessories
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