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Holding a handset to your ear is all in the past with a wide range of wired headsets and USB headset offered by We keep it simple by choosing headsets with clear features, making your decisions quick and easy!.

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Sennheiser SC230
Sennheiser SC230 Wired Monaural Headset
Our Price:$89.00
Sennheiser SC230 USB
Sennheiser Headset SC230 USB
Our Price:$109.00
Sennheiser SH250 Binaural Headset
Sennheiser - SH250 Wired Binaural Headset
Sale Price:$109.95
Sennheiser SH330 Binaural Headset
Sennheiser - SH330 Wired Monaural Headset
Our Price:$104.95
Sennheiser SH350 Over the Head Binaural Headset
Sennheiser - SH350 Wired Binaural Headset
Our Price:$131.95
Sennheiser CC510 Monaural Headset
Sennheiser - CC510 Monaural Headset
Our Price:$129.63
Sennheiser CC520 Binaural Headset
Sennheiser - CC520 Binaural Headset
Our Price:$143.00
Sennheiser Headset SC260
Sennheiser Headset SC260
Our Price:$114.00

About Wired Headsets

Answering and placing calls all day long in an office setting can create a world of problems for your back and neck. Holding a handset to your ear can result in a number of injuries, both stress-related and other, that can stay with you for the rest of your life.

Enter the wired headset, perhaps one of the greatest gifts to ever grace the call center worker and phone-answering employee sitting behind any desk at any company in the world. It is indeed difficult to overstate the appeal of the headset, with an insurmountable wealth of benefits to be had for just a small investment.

Today, there are more options for wired office headsets than ever before. Brand names like Sennheiser headsets have made great strides in producing products of comfort, quality and value. And cell headsets of all kinds are available for a fraction of the cost of other phone systems.

There are, of course, a number of product options in the exciting field of wired headsets to choose from and has information on nearly every brand and feature you can imagine. Featuring wired office headset options from all of the most reliable companies on the market today, has done the legwork so you can make the informed choice with respect to your new wired office headset.

So if you’re tired of getting that crick in your neck and that pain in your lower back thanks to a traditional handheld phone-answering system, it’s probably time to look ahead to a cell headset. At, we can help simplify the decision-making process to get you in the right headset right away.

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