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No cords attached! The newest Wireless Headset technology will keep you connected and mobile. Enabling you to answer calls away from your desk means never having to run for a ringing phone.
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Sennheiser - SD Office Headset
Sennheiser - SD Office Headset
Our Price:$335.00
Sennheiser - SD Pro 2 Wireless Binaural Headset
Sennheiser - SD Pro 2 Wireless Binaural Headset
Our Price:$399.00
Jabra PRO 9450 Mono NC Flex Boom Wireless Headset
Jabra PRO 9450 Mono NC Flex Boom
Our Price:$380.00
Jabra PRO 9450 Duo NC Flex Boom Wireless Headset
Jabra PRO 9450 Duo NC Flex Boom
Our Price:$412.00
Plantronics CS530 Wireless Headset
Plantronics - CS530 Wireless Monaural Headset
Our Price:$309.00
Plantronics CS540 Wireless Monaural Convertible Headset -
Plantronics - CS540 Convertible Wireless Headset
Our Price:$360.00
Plantronics Savi Office W730 Headset
Plantronics Savi Office W730 Headset
Our Price:$372.00
Plantronics W710 Wireless Headset from Canada's Headset Leader. Selling and servicing across Canada since 1991.
Plantronics W710 Savi 700 Series Wireless Headset System
Our Price:$380.00

About Wireless Headset:

The job of answering and placing calls in an office isn’t easy – just ask the millions of call center employees around the world. Making things worse, traditional call set-ups can often feel like prisons with miles of cords and wiring holding the employee to the desk area.

Wireless office headsets can change all that, giving more freedom to employees and allowing for an even more dynamic call-and-answer experience. Today’s wireless headsets offer increased range and call clarity when compared to predecessors, too, meaning that customers and callers alike get the ultimate in communications experiences.

The comfort factor cannot be overstated. While normal call set-ups can create a host of physical problems, a wireless office set-up gives you the option to stand up and stretch when and where it’s necessary.

The wireless office headset is available in several exciting brands, from the Plantronics wireless office headset to Sennheiser headsets. These brands are setting market standards in comfort and affordability, creating a truly wireless experience for those call center workers formerly stuck at their respective desks.

Here at, a wide assortment of wireless headsets is available. Featuring the best brands in the field at competitive prices, brings industry experience together with consumer access to provide the ultimate in headset experiences on the web. While other companies might offer bells and whistles, brings a consumer focus like none other.

If you’re in the market to free yourself from the encumbrances of office phone set-ups and are ready to move on to the exciting world of wireless office headsets, you’re in the right place. has the brands, prices and experience you’re looking for – all in one place!

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