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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Can I still use my handset if I have a headset?
A. Yes, but not at the same time. Our headset amplifiers have toggle switches to changes between headset use and handset use.
Q. What is the difference between a voice-tube microphone and a noise-canceling microphone?
A. A Voice-tube microphone is Omni-Directional, meaning it picks up all sounds within a certain radius around the microphone just as the handset on your phone would. Noise cancelling microphones dampen background noise around you, a great feature when working in a call center environment or around loud co-workers.
Q. Do I need an amplifier to use a headset with my phone?
A. Phones without a build-in unit will required an external amplifier, however a lot depends on not only the phone you have, but also the headset you are trying to use. Please Contact Us to ensure compatibility.
Q. If my telephone has an amplified headset port, can i still use an amplifier
A. Yes you can. In fact some amplifiers offer features such as noise cancelling and acoustic protection which will work well with the phones built in amp.
Q. Can I use a cordless or wireless headset on my multi-line telephone?
A. Yes, Several headset models are designed to work with multi-line systems, however remote answer/hang-up features on wireless headsets does not have multi-line support depending on the phone system you have and how it is setup.
Q. I have a Plantronics/GN Netcom/VXI/Armor amplifier, what headsets will work with it?
A. This would depend on the make and model of the headset and cable you are trying to use. Manufacturers’ websites often have compatibility checking tools to help you match the right products together. You can also check the product descriptions or Contact Us for compatible products.
Q. Do any of your wireless headsets support putting callers on hold, transferring, and paging while away from your desk?
A. The extent of mobile headset functionality (wireless/Bluetooth) allows you to answer and hang-up calls via the headset and handset equipped with a handset lifter. Other functions such as call transfer and call hold are only available on the phone itself.
Q. Is secure?
A. Our websites and purchase services are protected by online encryption and security protection standard to all our sites.
Q. Why doesn't my headset work?
A1. If your headset worked previously, check all connections with your headset, phoneset, and amplifier if used. Ensure headset and amplifier have charged batteries if needed.
A2. If your headset has never worked, check the connections and batteries and ensure you have the correct cables and amplifier that are compatible with the headset/amp/computer/phone you are using. Consult the owner’s manual for troubleshooting or Contact Us for compatibility assistance.
Q. Why do I have to life the receiver and hang it up to end calls? 
A. Some phonesets can be programmed for hook dialing; however older models or models without this feature must be manually answered/hung-up. You can also use a Handset lifter on compatible headsets and phones.
Q. Why doesn't my conference unit work? 
A. Conference units require either a digital to analog adapter, an analog line, or to be hooked up directly to a digital phone. Analog units have keypads and will not work correctly plugged into a phone system without a digital to analog converter. Digital units need to be connected to digital phones. Please Contact Us to ensure our products will work with your current system.
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